Many mortgage brokers choose Castleton Mortgages as their preferred private lender because since 1999, we continue to demonstrate why we are accredited by all major brokerage firms in Quebec.

Accredited by major brokerage firm in Quebec.
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Broker fees are protected

Funding within 72 hours
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Our team of professionals with more than 80 years of lending experience, provides quick decisions – whether yes or no.

What our clients and partners say...

  • As a Notary, I've had the pleasure of working in collaboration with Castleton on multiple financing files. Castleton's team of dedicated and efficient professionals have always been able assist and manage the many facets of residential and commercial financing. Castleton seems to truly holds the client’s best interest at heart.

    Notary Mona Golabi
  • What they say is what you get... no hidden fees, they are up front, honest and fast! I just recently brokered a mortgage for my client and this client had an excellent overall experience. This is the only private lender I will send my clients to.

    Joe S., Mortgage Broker
  • I regularly do business with Castleton Financial and find that their service is excellent. Unlike other private lender, they are really there to help the client find a solution to a difficult credit file. They are not there to repossess a property unlike some other private lender out there. They have an excellent rate, very good condition and are extremely quick to provide an approval. I recommend Castleton Financial to any clients that have a temporary credit problem while they are rebuilding their credit as they are excellent to work with and are very helpful.

    Jean-Pierre B., Mortgage Broker
  • I would highly recommend Castleton to all my colleagues as their go-to Private lender. I found the service to be very quick and professional. They have excellent rates and fee structure. My clients were very satisfied and I will definitely be sending more of my private lending clients to Castleton.

    Sabrina D., Mortgage Broker
  • I've been doing business with Castleton since I started as a broker, a little under a year ago. The service we receive for the Castleton team is remarkable and very fast. I'm new to private lending but the Castleton team really took the time to explain me the process so it was easy to understand. My clients also were extremely satisfied when they spoke to any member of the Castleton team. I highly recommend Castleton for any financing project.

    Carlo S., Mortgage Broker
  • I am confident you will not be disappointed after seeking the services of Castleton Financial. They are professional, respectful and and clearly know their business.

    James B., Mortgage Broker
  • The Castleton team made the financing for the transaction a breeze! We were really happy with the responsiveness and quick turnaround to provide the client with a solution. Castleton Financial is an experienced lender what makes the difference for the client and broker. Also it is important to bring to light the work behind the scenes which is done by great team of professionals, quick, dedicated and open minded. Mortgage approved in less then 24h!

    Martin A., Mortgage Broker
  • As a mortgage broker in Quebec, I can choose from many lenders. I can honestly say it's always a pleasure to work with Castleton. They have a very dedicated, professional and friendly staff. I've had the privilege to complete multiple complex mortgages with Castleton. When a client's situation is complex working with the right lender and team behind it makes a huge difference in the work that I do

    Delia F., Mortgage Broker
  • (Translated) Thank you for the excellent service provided by the Castleton team. The service was fast and efficient and above all, the solutions are flexible. Compared to other private lenders, Castleton does not complicate the situation.  They keep it simple. If you do not want any headaches and require a quick solution, you can contact Rina or Angela and you will not be disappointed.

    Roodly V., Mortgage Broker
  • (Translated) I recommend the services of this lender for all clients going through a difficult financial situation. The company honours its commitments and does not try to take advantage of the situation. It is very easy to work with them.  They are efficient and friendly.

    Collette S., Financial Advisor
  • “Castleton is a professional and reliable mortgage financing company. Quick approval process with fantastic customer service and competitive rates, all of which facilitates the expansion and realization of our business goals more rapidly.”

    Mark & Sandra, Client
  • “Great service and knowledgeable professionals. I would recommend to my colleagues for their clients.”

    Rody R., Mortgage Broker
  • "Castleton has been with me since the beginning of my real estate career. They financed my first duplex in 2003 and I now have 200 doors and I continue to work with them as they continue to support the growth of my real estate portfolio. They are not just lenders - they are partners and their experience has served me well."

    Fernando B., Client
  • “Before I went with Castleton, I shopped around for the best rates. But I quickly realized that I also wanted a lender that I could trust. Castleton and their entire team of professionals helped me resolve a difficult situation (60-day Notice) and provided additional capital to clear my debts. I have since refinanced with a bank but I could not have succeeded without their support and guidance. Thank you.”

    Dominique R., Client